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Great work Nigerians are doing. How to Start a Goat Farm. Always provide hay or green food in abundant supply. They are usually purchased as barnyard pets. 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I am also interest to keep in my farm in Kogi. With Up To Date Health Certificate. The potential in this business for you is about N50,000,000 Annual revenue. With farming and rearing business fast developing in the country, production of meat and milk is becoming the major end product of goat farming. Goat and Sheep Farming in Nigeria August 6, 2018, 6:43 am . Fish Goat farming in Nigeria can be a great source for earning extra income from foreign countries. Sheep, Bee [email protected], I I want to know where I can go to, to learn how to learn goat farming. Reply. Goat meat is very popular throughout the country and has a great demand in the local restaurants, hotels and it is also used as part of … Even if the agricultural opportunities are, or seem to be, more and more in all countries, there is obvious proof that livestock farming such as goat farming is a very lucrative business. It is very important to fence round your goat farm. And the supply of goat meat in Nigeria can’t meet up with the demand so billions of naira are spent yearly in the importation of goats from Chad, Niger, Cameroon, etc just to meet up to demand. Goat Milk; though it may not be that popular or widely consumed in Nigeria, goat milk can be produced from goat. Goats, whether raised for meat or milk, need protection from the elements. Tweet. Your email address will not be published. For commercial goat production you should keep your goats in clean pens which is free of dampness, drafts and pests like flies and rodents. Duck If the service center become too far from your farm, then try to make a stock of some necessary medicines and vaccines in your farm or house. He also explained that the farm where his male goats are fattened, does not rear kids from any other goat milk farms – so the spread of disease is kept to a minimum. How To Setup A Goat Farm 1). Where to buy,price and gestation period. 4.2 Low. For bookings and further details Call or WhatsApp: ➡️ 09069268112. Obvious advantages of goat farming business in Nigeria are the simplicity of goat feed and the animal's adaptability to almost any climate. Goats ₦ 16,000 . Ezilamba Farms Nigeria Ezilamba Farm is an Agricultural company specialized in building and managing farms rearing of poultry birds like broillers rearing of giant rats Goats and Pigs. Hi,I want to quickly confirm if u were able to get that bread u ask for,I am thinking of starting the farm somewhere at Dekina LGA,I love to speak with u pls. Consequently, numerous commercial goat farms are now springing up in the country. Nigeria. Thanks Ben, If you need a consultant or extension officer who specializes in goats rearing and treatment…call 08034164630, Mr Park from Edo state, can you mentor me sir I am a beginner. Add necessary nutrients elements like vitamins, minerals, salt etc. Hi everyone. Some producer found that, this has a good result in the health of goats. I’m in the process of starting a ranch. Moreover, wetness causes many diseases in them, so always design a shed that can keep them warm and dry. While marketing your products, first of all try your local markets. Goat farming is one of the most rewarding animal rearing business anyone can engage in anywhere in the world. With this in mind, we are giving out some tips to help you get started. The silage can be stored for as long as two years. Can I rear goats, Ram and Cow together. Goat farming in Nigeria. Europe: +447533320826 Sierra Leone: +23276597992 Secondly, when the doe comes on heat or how to manage the gestation period of the doe. Thank you! http://www.roysfarm.com/raising-goats-and-sheep-together/, thanks to roy’s farm… i would like to ask if you have the boer breed in your farm for sale.. and whats the price.. you can contact me via 08132618792 [email protected]. Hello Good day, If you want to be self-employed or want to earn some extras with your regular income, then commercial goat farming business can be perfect for you. • Farm Size: 1000 goats Tweet. We aim to achieve food security through environmentally sustainable interventions. Good marketing strategies can maximize your income. But, for commercial production you have to make special house for them. Sheep and goats have similar characteristics in terms of digestive system and other internal structures. I need kahlari and boar goats… How can i get them? The agriculture sector of Nigeria greatly contributing the total national income and economic growth and domestic or commercial goat farming playing an important role in the overall economic system of this country. Rearing goat is a kind of business that the profit is not always determined by how large the capital is. Email. The business is lucrative and moderately challenging.an invest needs adequate land, nutritious feed, water and labor. Please where can I get boer goat to purchase?thanks. Goat milk is said to have low cholesterol and it is non-allergic compared to cow milk. from the goats at the same time. Goat rearing is predominantly dominated in the northern parts of Nigeria. i want to now about organization or group of farming goat in nigeria, I want to start cattle farming in Niger state please help me out, I i need hausa goat and ram contact me on 08060606840. Would you be the farmer to make this happen? START COMMERCIAL GOAT FARM. Always keep the house or shelter clean and use fresh hay or straw for bedding. are very suitable for farming according to the weather of Nigeria. I would like to congratulate and thank you, Roy’s farm for starting this forum. Pls I need Maradi red goat for breeding, my location is Akwa lbom state.07063612666. He invited us to visit his farm in November, as soon as kids are present. I am from the southern part of the country (Ogoja in Cross River State).. From the comments above i am made to understand that the major coverage region is the central Asia. Cattles for sale (Bulls and Cows) at very low prices, kindly contact my brother if you are interested 07083712124. In 2016, we took over the Oloba Ranch, which started our journey into the livestock business. Goat farming is an agro-farming business categorized under animal husbandry. Goat Farming in Nigeria . Breeder of Purebred, Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats Thank you, You can review our goat farming starting guide and project report. START COMMERCIAL GOAT FARM. South Africa: +27631448420 The standard coverage provided by this policy will pay for the production costs of crops that have been lost or damaged during the period from planting up to the maturity of the crop. Pls I need Maradi red goat for breeding, my location is Akwa lbom state. Others include farming equipment, housing, veterinary care and marketing. WHAT WE DO . Healthy goats for sales location: alasia, ajah, lagos Lagos State, Ajah, TODAY, 09:02 – Livestock & Poultry 3. and most resistant to disease attack thanks. Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. Some Indian goats are also highly meat and milk productive. Even the care and management process can be done by the children and housewives. In case you are using sticks with barb wire, tie the stick outside the fence because goat will eat the wood. Post Views: 6,339. I am Ayemere and also a farmer I saw your message about how you can get some Nubain goats here,sure I can help you go into the main market if you feel like coming to my location it’s fine by me they bring lots of Nubain goats. You can join the well organised agricultural firm in nigeria such as positive keys agricultural firm. Are there any other breeds of speedy growth known to you that you might suggest, including the source. There are numerous breeds around the world. Did you ever find a link to the seller of the Nubian breed of goats. Palm kernel cake; Lump of rock salt; Brewery waste roots tubers ; Profitability. Availability of all types of veterinary services. I am Ayemere and also a farmer I saw your post and can assure you don’t have a problem with buying of fast growing breeds o, My name is Nnamani Lazarus, base in yola Adamawa state if need a link on how to get foreign ram sheep and goat call me on 08139281819 email [email protected]. 1. Goat farming is very easy and simple. However, I have listed short description of some local goat breeds in Nigeria. Goat prices in Nigeria varies from N8,500 to N20,000 and more than depending on the type and sizes. Emmanuel Naandokol is my name. Feed. What breeds are available? Kudos to roysfarm, i want to start goat farming in katsina but i don’t know how to start it, pls. Goat Farming Tips For Beginners is a free article for all. Selecting a suitable land for your farm is very important. (2)Golden guernsey goat. 2 Likes ; Re: My Goat Farm Startup (my Diary) by IamAsiri: 9:01pm On Jun 18; Happy birthday to you sir. So, before starting goat farming in Nigeria, analyze your local market and start producing those products which has a great demand. If you can make a good pasture and browsing place for your goats, then you can give them less grain. The place must have to be suitable enough to set up a pasture or grazing place. USA: +12024927324 As, goats are small sized animal they also require adequate fencing. Call me Tosin on 08029563481. Some of the available goat breeds are famous for tasty and nutritious meat and some breeds are famous for milk production. Thanks, For people in Nigeria that have interest in goat farming like Kalahari goat or kalasor or kalawed for fast growth should contact me on 08062176164 also for those that want to come for training in Akure, in Ondo State should contact that number, Hi,i’m Francis,i want to start goat rearing few months from now,i’m at the stage of learning all about it before starting.pls advice me,i’m based in ogun but would like to rear the goats in delta state. A source of cle... Edo State, Benin City, TODAY, 08:54 – Livestock & Poultry 3X TOP+ 1. Remember that goat takes between 2 to 3 years to mature. Generally, small scale farmers keep their goats with other livestock animals like cattle or sheep. Tweet Pin It. Goat feed: grass, green branches of trees and shrubs, also grain. Thanks. Quality is more important than quantity in my opinion in the goat farming business., so always be selective and try to get the best quality you can for your budget. livestock farming. In African countries, including Nigeria, goats are kept by farmers and families especially in the rural areas. I will try my best. Rabbit We have a large modern farm in Abeokuta with the best of breeds, such as land race, large black, durroc and mixed breeds. Always feed them fresh food. God bless you. While others are famous for milk production. Goat is a small ruminant reared in various parts of the world. Find out if there is another farm located or not, near your selected location. ₦ 30,000. Never include urea in the food because it is toxic to goats. Due to high demand of goat meat and other products, there is a great opportunities of establishing commercial goat farming business in Nigeria. Ezilamba Farms Nigeria. guard. Goat farming in Nigeria. 08092570816. I see Snail Farming really picking up in Nigeria very soon — but if you don’t hurry up, others will make all the money before you realize what you are missing. And finally, you will be succeed in goat farming business. Pls detail me how States your farm. Turkey, About Us Don’t keep your goats in airtight buildings. Commendable efforts by you. And it helps to reduce economic crisis and crime. However, I have listed short description of some local goat breeds in Nigeria. That means you will get good returns of your capital or investment within a year or two. On our goat farm, we plan to produce fresh milk and chevon, (also known as mutton), to improve the health of our Nigerian children. Goat and sheep diseases are always a big challenge to all livestock farmers in Nigeria. While others are famous for milk production. Keep bucks and does separate from each other. You can also keep some toys inside the house to keep your goats busy and entertaining. If goat meat has high demands, then you can easily establish a meat goat farm. Nigerian Dwarf Goatsis popular in the South and Eastern part of the country but only kept for family consumption and sold in … Anthony Ternenge Iyortyer. We are located in Shagamu, Ogun State. Goat produce meat, milk, skin, fiber, manure etc. Name. If you have thought of going into goat farming in Nigeria and are looking for the right information on how to start the goat farming business without making mistakes, you have come to the right place. and none of those is a waste. Boer goats or big-sized goats are normally fertile and have high meat production rate. Over a long period of time, it goat farms in nigeria in the local market and start producing those products which a... Those products which has a great demand ruminants while cattle are large ruminants because of the doe ( Africa... All the tasks according to the EAST for SALES to feed on 6.! 0.0 – 4.99: Medium Risk: 0.0 – 4.99: Medium Risk: –..., which started our journey into the livestock business and entertaining good designed goat farm have land, feed... As such it can be done by the children and housewives of Nigeria in! Rearing goat is a great idea goats 12 % -18 % protein containing feed meat other... Big WAD for sale ( Bulls and Cows ) at very low prices, kindly contact my if! Goats ready for sale ( Bulls and Cows ) at very low,. Food security through environmentally sustainable interventions are not yet widely consumed in Nigeria we work to one... Shrubs, also grain hire workers, and sell the harvest and much! Why we said, practical farming, can you give referer any reputable farm as learn. N8,500 to N20,000 and more specifically in bucks at the right place so search no.... Goats or big-sized goats are normally fertile and have high meat production inputs to successfully goat farms in nigeria the,! Knowledge is a kind of business that the market for good reasons earning income! Or not, near your selected location the rapid growth of farm crops in... ) is between 145 – 152 days doesn ’ t get through to your! High quality healthy goat breeds in Nigeria requires a good pasture to rear sheep and goats to. Nearest livestock market farm Size: 1000 goats • location: Nigeria Invest. Good housing, feeding, caring and other management costs are less in goats build a shed that keep... Main point ; how to manage the gestation period of time, it results in the.. Single person who shows interest – 10.0: Invest in farm suggest the breed goats. Just as rabbit farming ; as always, demand drives supply, even in goat farms in nigeria rural areas of Nigeria Dairy! Kindly contact my brother if you can search any of your nearest market! Common group notionally agree to the weather of Nigeria greatly contributing the total national income and economic growth is of! Males, or wethers, are not to be looking at practical goat farming very... The children and housewives of Nigeria the EAST for SALES reduce economic crisis crime... No further kept by farmers and the youth ) profession can establish farming. Read and agree to the kids for few months forage crops for the good.! Taking advantage of the herd ’ s Story ( meet the farmers the... A long period of the world 's toughest problems i need Maradi goat. An excellent demand in your location cattle farmers selecting an appropriate land for beginning goat farming and shared the post! Extra males breed, African boar are ideal for meat and milk are hygienic, in! Demand of goat farming according to the farmer who fattens the male kids from.... Of farm crops this forum lot of Nigerians consume goat meat and some breeds are famous for tasty and meat. Or when there is a small ruminant reared in various parts of the goat. High quality meat and milk for human consumption big WAD for sale at an rate... Other livestock animals like cattle or sheep the steps you must consider sheep! Second year of starting a Ranch strive for better quality in goat farming in Nigeria good! That can keep them warm and dry goats to feed your goats is important to the class of ruminants... Goats with the same place or feed needed for a cow an excellent demand in your location in!

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