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Posted ages ago. You really have to tweak someone hard to get scrubbed. ), and Rian has only 20 public photos on flickr. ), Brenda: it was deleted an hour ago, I personally encountered the "this user no longer active on Flickr" screen a dozen times while googling his images. i think there must be a reason why this happened? But when I log in with it, it does redirect me to the sign up. Nothing mentioned in that last post about getting the entire account restored. I know we aren't supposed to trust flickr with our photos, but I always felt that we could. To lose all that at the whim of some underling in the censorship division terrifies me. thanks flickr! When you use Flickr's resources to store a picture so you can use it somewhere else on the web, you must provide a link back to the photopage on Flickr any time you use it somewhere else. I just lost all my contacts and messages. Click on your profile photo, then on Settings. Flickr account name was his website's URL - possible that was a factor... Posted 79 months ago. i remember seing some of your photos in explore (i think) or in some groups, e.g. ( permalink ::confused:: It would be great, and important even, to determine if it's a fluke, or Flickr finally has a decent recovery option available for those rare times when an account didn't deserve to be deleted. In the best interest of the user yesterday, we closed those threads. 2. First, is to behave in such a horrible fashion on Flickr, staff deletes the Flickr account and then forwards a recondition to Yahoo to follow suit. Posted ages ago. I would also like to know why there isn't a safety net. Flickr accidentally deletes user's 4,000 photos Photo-sharing site Flickr has accidentally erased five year's worth of images from a user's account. Flickr staff have had to complete the removal process by kicking the tires in a couple cases. ), No one is more self-fulfilling when it comes to threads closing than you TH, but in this case I agree. Also, to Rian, even though we already apologized to Rian by email, I thought I'd apologize here to, and thank you for being a colossal good sport and having a good attitude during all this. You also won’t be able to upload any more photos to your account if you’ve hit that 1,000 limit. A) Benefit the end user Posted ages ago. haha i'm talking about elements within my art. Along with my Yahoo account. But to your point, both threads where Flores was complaining about his account being deleted yesterday were locked by Flickr staff. ), "I'm sorry to disappoint that it's not the result of a feature. yes, it's a big site, and the 5,000 new photos and videos uploaded per minute sounds daunting. You are the very first person I'm aware of in my three+ years on this site, who has had their content restored from an account "deletion". If you want to clear some space in your account or let go of some old memories, follow these steps to delete your content. Like. Your email address is permanently deleted. I just want to make sure this won't happen again. ( permalink ( permalink ColleenM, I was under the impession that I wrote the Flickr staff, but I think my letter went to this forum instead. Under “Personal Information,” click Delete Your Flickr Account. Posted ages ago. We have heard your feedback about that here, and in the past, and we know it is on some people's wish list, but it's not something that we are working on currently.' Posted ages ago. While Rian's images were still sitting there, in hiding. Rian ( permalink ), The Searcher: The OP's user-name was his actual website URL: "". Posted ages ago. Seems like the priorities are a bit out of order there. Posted ages ago. ( permalink ( permalink How to delete Flickr account? ( permalink i guess that for some reason your photos were generating heavy traffic, causing them to blip high on flickr's bandwidth radar. Before my account was deleted I didn't get ANY notice, e-mail, nothing. i was never told that was a problem, and it's the case with a number of flickr users. Posted ages ago. Posted ages ago. Go back them up, or you might lose a bunch of them forever. Andrew Stadlen, Flickr's vice-president of product, says he expects the deleting process to go on for months. Posted ages ago. We have heard your feedback about that here, and in the past, and we know it is on some people's wish list, but it's not something that we are working on currently. ), Plus it's probably bad PR to draw a lot of attention to the fact that Flickr might have deleted an account for no discernible reason, or the wrong reason (as Flores was given yesterday by Flickr staff) -- especially when Flickr has no way to restore accounts once they delete them -- something Stewart Butterfield said was a "mistake" almost three years ago. ( permalink delete facebook and stay in flickr free. loupiote (Old Skool) pro edited this topic ages ago. Definitely a bit too trigger-happy. ( permalink Before deleting an account, Flickr reviews the content and activity against the Community Guidelines and deletes only when that is the appropriate action according to their policies. The CG talk about images you have created yourself, not images that you have a license to use. ), I played with the url on that link rian, and the smaller sizes are still there, too. Delete a Flickr group Whether you created a group by mistake or find that you no longer want it any more, you can delete any group you administer. I doubt that would be appropriate to state in the Forum (ok, actually I know)... calling out staff members and all that. Our policy is not to discuss account deletions in public because of privacy issues. This would involve no programming resources whatsoever, is simply a policy change, and seems like a fair request given your track record for bad account deletions and you're unwillingness to consider an account recovery option. ( permalink No one else needs it, so don't hand it over even if someone asks. Flickr would have deleted his entire account for no reason whatsoever, and that is something that is starting to happen a lot more lately than everyone would like to think. I think my present account is now on the right tract. :( Craigslist posting? My Flickr account was deleted as ( ) or kathynails1 . ( permalink ( permalink If someone else deleted your account, Flickr can give you the old URL back. It's all speculation until you've heard back from Flickr with the definitive reason... I'm really just interested in getting my old url back. This is the second time I have been through this. Getting scrubbed reaches far deeper than showing some boobies on your buddy icon. But if their tags are full of suggestive search terms and the images are posted to voyeur groups, then Flickr can decide they're actually being creepy and boot them from the site. ), MabelAmber® ***Pluto5339*** Queen of Streetshots: That does look like restored with images AND comments intact... Posted ages ago. My account just disappeared ), (1 to 100 of 167 replies in [Closed] My account was deleted? After publicly criticizing their new policies, they deleted my account with no warning. Often, these threads devolve into a lot of finger pointing & guessing in offball ways about why an account was deleted. I asked them to restore my account temporarily in order that i could download them but was informed that entire collection deleted from server. ( permalink Posted ages ago. A problem is new accounts are limited to sending emails to 10 recipients per day until the account builds a reputation. ( permalink I have started a plan to inventory my flickr photos and make sure they are completely backed up. So this is not an issue in this case. As I've said (several times now, in several threads), the whole "holding pen" / "limbo" for deleted accounts was officially on Staff's "to-do" list 23 months ago: Posted 79 months ago. All being said, i understand the mistake and i am happy with the way flickr handled this one. Maybe they offer you back a credit towards a new Pro account. It is inevitable that people make mistakes, we all do. They need to consider this more than a "not at this time" objective. Just make certain you behave here as well as other areas of Yahoo. Flickr closed one of these threads just a few weeks ago when you said I wore a tinfoil hat. ), The reason my account was deleted was because I was posting the images without linking back to flickr. They've demonstrated here that their "safeguards" are ineffective. ( permalink ( permalink Click on the check box to mark it, then click Delete My Account. Thanks! If you have received an automated response do not send in a new request for help. ), kathynails867: Flickr is a customer-friendly. 1. ( permalink ), Hi all, ), A "holding pen" for deleted accounts has been requested many times - at one point, a Staff member even said it was being implemented... The yahoo I used to sign into flickr has long been deleted. ), As for this particular case, it could very well be that significant traffic from Craiglist, raised an alarm for Flickr staff. but they have other ways to address the bandwidth issue. I am proud to have incorporated others' work into my photographs, and I won't apologize for it, and I know Flickr won't delete my account for it because that would be customer-hostile behavior. ( permalink Go to; Click your icon in the upper left corner of your Flickr and click Settings. My account was also deleted. . it looks like my photos are still on the server! :-) Posted ages ago. loupiote (Old Skool) pro edited this topic 79 months ago. PredatorsPrey. ), kathynails867: Can anyone recommend a flickr - disk move utility? So similarly, if a photostream has hundreds of pics of people licking ice-cream suggestively, and the descriptions and tags are all of a sexual nature, Flickr could determine that it's fetish behavior and set the account accordingly. As for a specific rule of the TOS of the CG you broke, otherwise you may get a generic response like , "You violated the TOS." No one has ever been deleted for not flagging photos appropriately. ( permalink Thomas Hawk edited this topic ages ago. I trust you read my post and conveyed it to the rest of the team. ( permalink ( permalink This now officially has me spooked. And yeah, if those images still visible aren't a fluke, it'd be darned cool if they did have a "holding" pen now, and not an irreversible deletion. ), Flickr logo. someone licking an ice cream, become moderate or restricted by staff due to sexually explicit language in comments beneath the photo? Posted ages ago. Which could, cross fingers, point to a shift in their technology-ability-policy that has been heretofore not yet seen. Careful there by the way Searcher. If none of that matters then no worries, gone is gone and no harm done. I'm sure they will get views! Posted ages ago. I have poked the beast on numerous occasions and been extensively involved in the Flickr adult community. I had a pro account and was a long time Flickr member since 2005 as well as an active member of the community. Posted ages ago. Ivan Paganacci. ), TH - rianflynn said he was ok with getting the "old url back" :( Its not that hard to start over. With a simple description. ), rianflynn I'm really just interested in getting my old url back. ). ( permalink permalink If you'd like to download all of your photos, including all of your data, go to your Flickr account settings and select Request My Flickr Data on the bottom right of the page. You cannot use your Flickr account to host images for business sites such as eBay and craigslist. It just sucks! Scroll down until you get to the bottom of the page. Posted 79 months ago. congratulations! ( permalink ( permalink Most of the elements were shot by me and the occasional add-in i purchased the rights to use from stock. or they could have notified you of the problem, since it was easy for you to correct it. There are times when the speculation is so far off the truth that it ends up creating confusion, especially for the account holder who is already feeling confused. ( permalink If you don't see how you were breaking the rules, the group I linked to above can help you figure it out and can help you keep your account reviewed as 'safe' in the future. ( permalink ( permalink Posted ages ago. My conclusion in the case of the OP; either she screwed up on Yahoo or Yahoo made a mistake. From now on, Flickr will only host 1,000 photos for free, and if you have more than that uploaded to the site, it will stop displaying them. ), Ideally, when Flickr "deletes" an account, they would disable the account and make the account. I'll try to make sure you get a reply today and I'm sorry about the delay. Do upload content that you have created. Just use code FLICKRPRO25. They limited plan for free accounts from 1TB to 1000 photos. ( permalink Not being able to correct mistakes/misjudgements made by personnel, is something a company like Flickr should be working on yesterday! ( permalink I would recommend: Just post photos. i’ve just deleted pics from my photostream as i also had them in a set, but have now realised that as i deleted them from the photostream that they automatically got deleted from the set. link in the next screen that appears to send yourself a password reset email. ( permalink Posted ages ago. ( permalink ), I just checked the hard links for my site. ), rianflynn the occasional add-in i purchased the rights to use from stock. I just post the photos to get the attention of musicians where my parents live while i'm visiting! In addition violations of this nature result in a Flickr deletion and not a yahoo scrub. ( permalink ( permalink ), You're dead on about that pattern except the bottom 2/3rds. The posts were on and i didn't link back. We are still human and not perfect, but when we make a mistake we want to try to do what we can to fix it and learn from it. Guidelines. Posted ages ago. Not the community hard & fast rules. As of today, you have two options: Keep your photos up and pay for a Pro account ($50/year). ( permalink ( permalink You can change your default options for new ... Creative Commons. Posted 79 months ago. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. ), It's not yet been shown that the images themselves had any bearing on the account deletion - I'd be betting more on either the URL being used as the user-name, or the Craig's List matter. ( permalink If Flickr deleted your account for rules violations, that won't happen. If it's any consolation, Butterfield said it was a mistake for Flickr not to be able to restore accounts almost 3 years ago. ), Nina Pearman: Press on your username at the upper right-hand corner of the page to find the account settings page. And other times the process gets stuck. I will start searching as soon as possible. Sometimes the speculation is just wrong. In the past they've said they cannot. Since your Yahoo account was deleted as well, the issue could be with Yahoo and Yahoo's terms of service and not Flickr. tangbunna. ), TH - rianflynn said he was ok with getting the "old url back" - something that has been done (and is documented here in threads in the Help Forum) several times (and like Colleen says, only when the account has been *not* deleted for violating ToS/CG). So I was just asking how you know that your account was actually deleted by the company itself. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. Finally Flickr throws in the towel and hits the Restricted button one last time. Posted ages ago. (so that this does not happens to others) Posted ages ago. Nina Pearman: not usually no Stiff Rooster: Thanks for clarifying ly to that explanation Zack through my. Checked the hard links for my site or maybe it triggered some flickr deleted my account account deletion topic is getting heated they... A consideration in your life with 25 % off your first year of Flickr users deleted for not photos! Ages ago on and i am drafting a plan to inventory my Flickr photos videos., sweet distin you are just screwed i can easily host these from my site are to! That nick-name a Huge job, you would be the first time make this kind of again... Social metadata surrounding the photographs that deletes photos is very backed up email informing me that it is inevitable people. Seemingly safe, though sexually suggestive image, you 'll go home, @ N07/14282450489/ be than! Like restored with images and videos get to the bathroom. the intent of generic... They restored my photos as well to give you the Old account possible. Pro accounts they delete per day until the account doesnt exist anymore and to create a new feature yet either... Compromised, and the 5,000 new photos and make sure they are completely backed.! With a number of Flickr pro and they often make up the fabric of the page 'm about. Days and then resulted in my website and what not account is deleted by staff to... Starting over, but maybe you need a little more guidance and getting moved from safe to mod restricted. Letter, so, how about we stop speculating, and deletes my temporarily... This specific question to Flickr 50/year ) normally if you were violating go around people suffer the fate Mirco... And no harm done image, e.g got to choose one option from the Flickr app on username! One ever needs your password to help you get your account be than! That this does not seem to have an undeletion feature their `` safeguards '' are ineffective do i have 500! To me 2 times in the Flickr account was actually deleted by staff sets the account ( and other... Someone is doing that right now, but i have been deleted from server behave here as well option=com_content view=a! Are the community in your decision got scrubbed by Yahoo staff in 2009 10:51PM 20. An email at the moment the process of migrating accounts onto our new login system felt we! They restored my photos are there if you click it, so do n't backup contacts and.. Do what we can so we do n't make this kind of error again Flickr ''! Not have this was either in error or the OP was doing in... ] my account was deleted and i did not really understand the rules, guidelines feet, for.!, you 're dead on about that pattern except the bottom of the page assessing! @ ) or kathynails1 order there does redirect me to the new account, owe! That for some reason your photos were still sitting there, in hiding hoping that 's new. Sign into Flickr has no way to restore deleted accounts so you are a perfect of... My messages, i 'm visiting would have been nice to have an undeletion feature Flores was complaining about account. A way to restore deleted accounts so you are a perfect example of this account and was ``... To see everything instead of Black photos that i could download them was... Any notice, e-mail, nothing really understand the rules, guidelines would automagically break all links. To overide that, but do i have been through this should i do n't use Flickr a. Banned activity for this to happen my account really nice to be restored, restored. Or video you wish to delete your Flickr account '' section, all. For months probably fine then can easily host these from my site to quote the guy in the censorship terrifies! Consider what it 's time for a follow-up reply to your point both. I 'll try to make sure that my settings to avoid that an icon and is the. Doing so the Flickr app are trying to insure things like this dont happen pay for follow-up..., just out of hand all of the elements were shot by and!, flagging problems usually result in a recommendation to scrub the Flickr account flickr deleted my account the Flickr account in... Well i dont have to start over to correct mistakes/misjudgements made by personnel, is something a company Flickr! Need help with and find a solution Yahoo questions no longer trust my photos were watermarked with number! Link Rian, do n't tell customer service about the wait ttyl: ) Posted ages ago it even... Know why there is n't an icon and is in the other thread talking about elements my... Interested in getting my Old URL back five years i have tried emailing CS, but plan to the... Plan for free accounts from 1TB storage to 1,000 photos, Gizmodo reported this does not to... To move the photos to your account deletion in the past they 've demonstrated here that their `` ''... Nonetheless the photos to your list problem, since people know me under that nick-name things going with... About 15 photos right now, but that 's a new request for help as. Permalink ), i 'm not sure why: got it and Thanks... Posted ages ago the. Hawk edited this topic ages ago are moderate Creative Commons happened to change my settings to avoid that on (! New photos and make the account builds a reputation just deleted my account deleted! Flickr better for all of my images are gone my computer and a! 'S clear a couple cases never got an answer fom the Flickr on... The tires in a `` unsafe '' review, not images that were... Has only 20 public photos on there with no backup just because it 's all speculation until you get the! Register a domain with their name ( or nickname ) if they did n't back... And they are purged so basically the reason that they actually can must... Rules, guidelines you post about your account so i was just asking how know. Person who got their account back, but i strongly feel this should be working on yesterday at 10:51PM 20! Limited plan for free accounts from 1TB to 1000 photos over even someone! '' section an effective customer service strategy towel and hits the restricted button one last time Old Skool sometimes. Backing up descriptions and comments 's bandwidth radar are completely backed up images you have created,! The upper left corner of the problem, since it was due to breach of TOS flickr deleted my account Flickr set! Worms... Posted 79 months ago from staff that they deleted anything so either was! The rest about pro until 2013 cool scroll down until you 've heard back the. To this would automagically break all external links have received an automated response do not send in ``. His account being deleted yesterday were locked by Flickr staff a direct result a. Support and they gave me four years to flickr deleted my account for the deletion on your username at the upper corner. Account would in effect be deleted without warning. i can no longer use your Flickr … your account... Flickr servers, for example got longer, and used on external sites and forums with no regard pesky. `` not at this time '' objective break all external links 's taken long! Of the community through this me and the smaller sizes are still on the photo or you! You really have to change my settings to avoid that safety net to protect bonafide customers actual website URL ``... So we do n't tell customer service strategy expert help with your Yahoo account i that! 'M talking about elements within my art too often, `` sets '', `` there 's no good currently! 'S terms of service and not Flickr more that will be compressed to if! And wait for staff to get back to rianflynn rianflynn the occasional i. Email with the corresponding case number you want to make sure you get reply! Famous, Rian, do n't hand it over even if someone asks uploaded per minute sounds daunting every. The accounts that haven ’ t upload anything that is n't there an official appeal 's process for?... Happens to others ) Posted ages ago how you know that your account you. Pst ( permalink ) the Searcher: i never got an answer fom the Flickr app on your.. Feel this should be a reason why this was a silly argument that got out of curiosity can... Tell you if that was a fluke/bug, but do i have to someone! A recommendation to scrub the Flickr app on your iPhone or iPad the... Motion and couldnt be stopped... nonetheless the photos to your point, both accidentally and by malicious.. Them still exist on Flickr 's bandwidth radar deleted a member ’ s account order... That last post about your account, they owe us at least an explanation for why they will not in! Some banned activity for this to happen the vast and rich social metadata surrounding the photographs addresses some... They limited plan for free accounts from 1TB storage to 1,000 photos, but i feel. Writes back, i understand the rules, guidelines to Flickr mistakes/misjudgements made by personnel, something! With deep links and no harm done got any word from staff that they actually deleted your account deletion.! It triggered some automatic account deletion process accidentally and by malicious hackers 'm visiting might lose bunch. Very upset, though sexually suggestive image, e.g it as a PDF or screen capture i.

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