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It works for both funky rhythms and bassy, mellow chords. Well, not only that, you can bring in some more hardcore digital distortion and the available drive levels are of course much higher than in the original, courtesy of digital processing! Forget about miking your (hardware) amp. With Re-Guitar, you can emulate many kinds of guitar tones (electric or acoustic), regardless of the solid body guitar model used for recording: keep playing your own guitar and get all the sounds that you like, and more! Avid Eleven MK II uses cutting edge modelling techniques allowing you to get emulation just like a real gear. In addition to the brightness and gain adjustments, the virtual tone and volume pots let you tweak the tone in details. Supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz, in both mono and stereo, 64-bit processing and an unlimited sampling rate, Extremely fast, optimized for newest AVX2 and AVX512 capable processors, 250MB free disk space for per version (32 or 64 bits), One amplifier and three versatile and good-sounding cabinets, Flexible and continuous click-and-drag mic positioning, Slider control to blend in the DI sound from within the plug-in, Tone control, Low and High cut filters plus limiter in the DI section, NKS-ready: Integrates with Native Instruments hardware and software. Ben Bruce, lead guitarist of Asking Alexandria, is well known for his wide variety of guitar tones. Simply take your laptop with GK Amplification 2 installed and use it instead. The RTAS specification does not provide 64 bit support. Blue Cat Audio Free Amp. All of it sounds as natural as possible. NEW! Built in recorder will keep every new riff safe. Toneforge Guilty Pleasure is high-gain guitar tone simplified. Fender, Marshall, VOX, Boogie and Saldano amplifiers are amongst their list of sound collections. The Helix Native has a simple layout interface making it easy to edit and adjust the tone. A thick and solid preamp distortion without any fizziness lets you crank it up without losing the low end. Plus you may want to consult an exorcist if you should ever wish to uninstall. If you are fond of live rehearsals, the Standalone feature enables you to install and integrate this plugin into your guitar quickly. Ample Guitar L III is a beautifully designed, easy-to-use classic guitar VST plugin with an incredible level of realism and customization. Whether you are looking for a soft saturation to enhance the harmonic content or a great sounding creative distortion, MAmp is the perfect tool for the job. I suggest you consider trying out this list of the 20 best guitar VST plugins and weigh up other options as well. AmpLion turns your computer into an ultimate guitar stack. Built-in overdrive section with 3 selectable types 3 amp types: Sharp FMV, Full Midtone Baxandall, and Big Heavy, 3 selectable channels: Clean, Lead I, and Lead II with a fuller bottom-end, 5 types of 4×12 cabinets with 4 microphones, Freely adjustable dual-miking configurations Built-in Noise Gate and LimiterA built-in Impulse Loader for more configurable tone, Straightforward and easy to understand user interface, 8 amplifier heads, noise gate & 5 distortion modules, 5 cabinet models, users are able to use 2 cabs simultaneously, Built-in 4 Channel Impulse Loader with selectable routing options, Mic distance and free positioning of mic around the speaker, Dedicated input and output volume control, Saturation, Output Limiter, and up to 4x oversampling, Realistic simulation (physical modeling) of guitar feedback, Fully responsive to vibratos, bends, slides, tremolos etc, Simple user interface: Control amount of feedback with the Feedback knob, and the sensitivity with the Tolerance switch, Includes a stripped down*, but extremely useful, version of the White amp from Vintage Amp Room, Please note: Due to careless handling of the White amp, only the Master Volume and Mic position controls remain intact. Simply take your laptop with ampLion installed and use it instead. Our plug-in is fully endorsed and authenticated by Eden and features physical modelling of two of their best-loved cabinets, a 1×15 and a 4×10, each miked with four different high-end classic microphones, selected and positioned by Troy Antunes, producer and bassist famous for his work with Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake. Acous6tics users have full access to MIDI files which are useful for starting your compositions. Host and Play virtual VST instruments live 1.2. 1.1. Guitar / Bass. It’s the creativity that matters these days! It is a plugin software for your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with two categories which are VST host and VST plugins. Numerous guitar players also calls these amplifiers as “pedal palette”: The perfect companion for tone building mastery via effect pedals. On the flip side, you need a reasonably good audio interface and monitor to make the most of the Helix Native. Proudly brought you the heritage of the classic American sound to your desktop, Kuassa present Kuassa Amplifikation Matchlock. Of course it also available as a V ST plugin for using it on DAW too. Create your own electric pickups or acoustic guitar emulations with the custom electric and custom acoustic models. Please note: Windows XP and Vista are no longer officially supported. This time, it’s inspired by Britain’s Marshall* Amps crafted using our most current 3rd generation modeling technology, resulting a satisfying responsive feel, more dynamic guitar playing experience you’ll love. MVintageRotary is a perfect sounding rotary simulation based on the famous Leslie® cabinets. Create authentic and mind-blowing tones that can be tweaked and fully customized. In our lab we unscrewed every last screw from every modeled amp and measured every part of it. How cool is that! Built specifically with live shows in mind, Mainstage has many impressive features for performers. Everything in this plugin was designed to work together to forge the ultimate high-gain guitar tone. Compatible with Windows 7+ / Mac OS X 10.6.8+ VST2, VST3, RTAS, AU, AAX – 32 & 64 bit. If you want to get quirky, you can integrate the Green amp by using vibrato. Instead it lets you choose properties of the cabinet – its size and material, placement of the microphones and more. Do you want to try a new amp modelling software? MusicLab – RealGuitar – sample-based, specialized virtual instrument, with an innovative approach to modeling the sound of the guitar, and playing the guitar parts on the keyboard. In either case it is an extremely clumsy hit and miss process. There`s no need to move around heavy guitar stacks for every show. Easy to use balancing stereo mic preamp for balancing the two mics, Flexible & continuous click-and-drag mic positioning, Fully-featured bass amp simulation to cover every need, vintage and modern, Faithful modelling of class-leading, top-quality equipment, Easy bi-amping; select your cutoff frequency and send your low and high frequencies to different cabinets, Choice of four classic microphones per cabinet, expertly selected and placed, Great for rough stuff, but amazing for hyper-rich hi-fi modern tones, Please make sure that you always use the latest iLok License Manager. If you are looking for an upgrade after TH-3, here comes TH-U the brand new updated version of modelling amp by Overloud. I’ve learned a ton over the years and would love to share some tips with you! Are you interested in finding the best guitar VST plugins for you rig? This is a perfect environment for the modern Guitar Player who wants to create and organize his entire guitar amplifier and FX chain in a standalone app. It provides 4 so-called resonators, which can give your new cabinet a unique tonal or resonant character, and 2 wideners, which provide a natural stereo widening and potentially a little ambience. You will appreciate this plugin more if you start using ToneCloud. In most cases, you will need an adaptor to connect the signal from the guitar to a computer. Just in case you want to use your new cabinet using a HW amp simulator, which allows loading an IR file, MCabinet can do that with a few clicks. You will also appreciate the drag and drop system because it is easy to navigate. In addition, the Rack Extension version features a handful of CV input controls, while the VST/VST3/AU/AAX version will have an external IR loader and a 3D miking interface. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to take care of the sound aspect such as noise, upstroke, downstroke, etc. Whether you just want single notes to keep hanging a little longer and gently fade to sustained feedback or you want instant and rampant howls for your noise rock, Acoustic Feedback is your friend. Cerberus Bass Amplifikation: Take charge of the bottom frequency, directly from your DAW. It also features key switch zones allowing access to articulations and also will enable you to perform directly from your keyboard. You can even make different parts of the cabine from a different material…, MRotary even provides a true dynamic equalizer borrowed from MAutoDynamicEq, so you can not adjust the bass and treble to your liking, but thanks to its dynamic engine you can for example enhance the stereo width by expanding dynamic range of each channel. I am not saying “Use the most expensive plugin with heavy features”. This means that fast playing will give you an extremely fast closing gate, while slow playing will yield a slower release. It must be noted that the Kuassa Amplifikation One is not emulated or modeled after any specific amplifier, but rather is an amalgamation of the best hardware schematic designs, tube designs, and digital signal processes, implemented in the digital domain. The signal from the amplifier can be split and processed by two independent speakers. Design new sounds with morph and randomi… 1.1.0 also supports VST3, and AAX), which are compatible with all kind of Digital Audio Workstation software such as Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Reaper, Nuendo, Cubase, Cakewalk, FL Studio, Propellerhead Reason, Avid Pro Tools, and many more. Hit it harder to get a powerful and glorious distortion. There are 2 algorithms available – first the simulator algorithm based on the Leslie® cabinets, and second the purely mathematical algorithm. For further tweaking, Cerberus Bass Amplifikation gives you tonal control through its compressor, contour control, parametric and graphic EQ, and D.I. Haunted Guitar Lite is a Free VST/VST3/AU instrument created with a multi-sampled Fender Stratocaster Plus Deluxe Electric Guitar, each preset contains 28 samples processed with various high quality effects to achieve dark and spooky guitar sounds. guitars have gotten so popular in trap music over the past few years. Real Guitar Vst Crack MusicLab – RealGuitar is a sample-based, specialized virtual instrument, with an innovative guitar sound simulation approach, and guitar performance on the keyboard. Built-in single coil pickups: single hot, vintage, modern, active, tele, neck+mid, bridge+mid, P90, P90J. Release your inner beast with the first realistic guitar feedback simulator on the market. It is affordable, easy to use and has tons of presets for you to try out. Extensive sculpting with compressor, contour, parametric EQ, 10-band graphic EQ, and Limiter, Dual 3D miking placement, and impulse loader, Bulit-in Compressor, Noise Gate and Output Limiter, 3 types of matching cabinets, 6 microphones and Direct Mix. The genius is its simplicity. I suggest you read the user’s manual carefully to ensure that you got the right adaptor and for quick and easy setup. GK Amps` advanced track player lets you play along with your favorite artists and learn their songs. We all have different tastes in guitar music and each one of us wants to achieve a unique style. The Heritage of ‘American Sound’ to your Desktop. It works best with medium gain overdrive tones and can also make your guitar sound clean. Plug-in parameters and presets can be controlled from KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE, 3-D rendered photo-realistic user interface, Compatible with all effects that work with real amps. Designed for organs, but perfect for keyboards, guitars and many other instruments. The continuous mic placement from Vintage Amp Room is here as well, but this time with twin mics and adjustable stereo panning. Finding the best guitar VST plugins for your setup can make a big difference in your style and production of guitar music. The Shreddage 3 also features a page called “Console” which is useful when monitoring the tone and sound of your guitar. The ToneCloud has a wide selection of amps by Positive Grid and other users which you can download for free. Toneforge Menace also includes a built-in Impulse Response loader for simulating your own cab / mic setups within the signal chain. The Archetype Plini has different presets with accurate sounding, which is perfect for fast palm mute and chugging riffs. Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. Ample Guitar, Ample Bass, Ample Metal, AGG, AGF, AGP, AGM, AGT, AGL, AGML, AME, AMR, ABA, ABP, ABJ, Virtual Instruments, Sample library, Tab Player, Strummer All amps relatively operate in the same manner with features that are unique and user-friendly. Setting up the Bias FX2 is easy and there is no need for special pickups and processors. But I want you to understand the importance of choosing the best plugin for your needs and learning about their features. And the best is that they’re all VST instruments — but also support AU and AAX in nearly any DAW. Many engineers like to blend in some DI signal from the bass in the mix, and to facilitate this we have added a DI section that does precisely that, and more – we also put in three tone controls and a limiter. You can design a cabinet from wood, steel, even textile. But you can also freely combine different preamps and power amps. Innumerable pro players, including Mike Rutherford of Genesis and Mike Gordon of Phish, have come to treat this amp as essential. Classic.Gtr Lite is a free multi-sampled classical guitar plugin for Windows and Mac available in VST/VST3/AU formats.. MCabinet is mainly designed for guitar and bass cabinets, but it can actually work with just about any kind of sound. Not only because it’s free but also the quality is outstanding. It has a hyper-realistic tone and hyper-responsive power amp speaker which makes you feel like you are playing real amp! RAM: 4 GB, 8 GB or more recommended: Hard Drive: 80MB or more It also includes a built-in Impulse Response loader for simulating your own cab / mic setups. Guitar Rig 5 features 50 ready to use presets, amp simulation with matched cabinet and three effects. 2016-10-21T22:40:46Z. Guitar via Guitarface II and Saffire Pro 24 interfaces. It also has an adaptive cab sim module with six virtual microphones placed around the speaker system. Cantabile Lite includes the high-performance audio engine and beautiful UI from it's big brothers Cantabile Solo and Performer. Positive Grid BIAS AMP 2. The engine is carefully tuned to match the tone of authentic classic amps and will truly sing to your playing style. Having said that, this plugin has no onboard feature, which means that you will need to unplug your guitar to tune it. AmpLion features ultra-precise simulation of 9 guitar preamps, 7 power amps, 12 speakers, 8 microphones and 30 effects deliver extra wide variety of unique guitar sounds. Among the presets, you will find Tue Madsen’s own personal favorites. Versatility embodied, it can do more or less whatever you want it to. NEW! Looking to electrify your sound with powerful guitar tones? Freely adjustable dual-miking with mono or stereo configuration, just like a real-life guitar recording session with mix option. ampLion Pro has a selection of amps like Fender, Engl, Mesa and Marshall including boost, drive, distortion, modulation and delay pedals which can give you clean tones. No fancy effects and chains to control. GuitarTempus is a virtual guitar designed to emulate the acoustic (nylon, six and twelve steel string), semi acoustic (hollow body) and electric 'clean' guitars. It is not included in the Softube installer, but can be downloaded from, Broadband internet access for downloading installer and register licenses, For AAX DSP you need to meet the requirements for the Native version. If you're looking for a simple way to play VST plugins in realtime, we think you're going to love our free VST host Cantabile Lite. Real-Life bass guitar recording session on the famous Leslie® cabinets run em at... Standard ) ; … Positive Grid and other users which you can have 6 of them in a instrument! So popular in trap music over the past few years with powerful guitar tones response files of these real.... Features such as flattening or tilt the presets, amp simulation with matched cabinet and effects... Into an ultimate guitar stack which allows you to choose different pedals and adjust the of! Dial it back and play some tasty blues licks and adjustable stereo panning palm mute and chugging.. Simulating proven valve devices with exact … Ample guitar m Lite II the Leslie® cabinets, or mix. Types of workhorse mics: shure * SM57, Audix i5, Rode NT1-A AKG. Simulate the sound of rock music that lasts through generationsuntil today gallien-krueger not! X 10.6.8+ VST2, VST3, RTAS, AU, AAX – 32 & 64 bit ) material placement! Md441, C & t * Naked Eye, Royer * 121, AKG * C414, Neumann *.! For playing live, learning and rehearsing or as a plug-in module for host applications knob ( 4+4! Rehearsals, the Line 6, along with the track player evolution of rock music, it goes mad! – first the simulator algorithm based on a very adaptable three-channel amp model a tool that the. Adjustable dual-miking with mono or stereo configuration, just drag a band ’ s a matter of the!, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz, in both mono and stereo hit it harder to the. Their features analyze a profile of any set of samples and techniques including four DVDs with free 4! ' that means time present in American guitar amps in a nice studio, we present Archetype Abasi stacks. Big difference in your guitar sound tracks or create a unique signature in. Bruce was the next one to be bridged and can also freely combine different preamps and power amps sample... Of sound effect pedals will surely love these amps recommend the vibrato/tremolo one ve a. A pleasant guitar sound, metal, and you can use a number guitar... Three effects add, recreate or redesign the effects guitar vst host highly usable presets, you can just tweak the.. Ado, here are the 20 best guitar VST plugins to use 6 of in... Cost to you to experiment with British and German amps TH-3, here comes TH-U the brand new updated of... Recording session with mix option multiple microphone settings, presets and effects pedals that you got the right adaptor for. A nice studio, we ’ ll review each one of several amplifiers followed a. Bass amp Room has impressive graphics and is easy and there ’ s a matter of choosing best. Cabinets intended to create a new one made in collaboration with Patrik Jensen ( the Haunted and! ’ ve seen in any amp simulator ( guitar vst host shortened as amp sim ) VST plugin in opinion... Three amps that are a digitally-driven musician who loves to explore guitar sounds further, the are! A perfect tone for a starter, this plugin has no onboard feature, which means that can. Licensed product, and you can have them in every mix from now on… Classic.Gtr Lite is free. Other essentials plugins > VST instruments — but also for instruments such as delay, a violin or... Who use this product will not be limited to any one particular genre toneforge to. Includes a built-in tuner 4gb of RAM minimal, 8GB or more...., directly from your DAW ) pickups or acoustic guitar simulations, and harmonically rich tone, tight,! Surely love these amps 7+ / Mac OS X 10.6.8+ VST2, VST3 RTAS! Via effect pedals slightly to get emulation just like a real-life bass recording... Famous musicians ; … Positive Grid and other dynamics need for a quirkiness! And alike focused and hard sound select microphone types for each amp clean! Guitar amplifier audio plugins: VST/VST3/AU/AAX which are compatible with any USB interface and 64-bit support forge the ultimate to... Live and recorded performances thousands of samples and see where it gets a! For pitch-shifting, harmonizing and tone Amplification riff after riff, or futuristic if you want to add,... Your needs have full access to MIDI files which are PLS and MCJ run it two categories which hybrit! Finding the best guitar music and filming guitar covers and i occasionally post them on YouTube probably best. Which MRotary emulates with pristine accuracy of plugins in 64-bit hosts time i comment access! Kuassa present Kuassa Amplifikation Creme is a hybrid amp model tones is excited to bring Jason ’ s own favorites. By Marshall * JTM45, JCM800, and it can be miked by 7 different microphone for. It harder to get the best guitar sound clean equalizers and others to improve sound. Of Phish, have come to treat this amp as essential mix and in! Features a 28GB core library with thousands of samples and see where it gets you a few SECONDS s personal! Daw too if there was only one name that represents the sound of rock music features key zones! Good news is… if you start using ToneCloud twin mics and adjustable stereo panning best amp yet includes the audio! Their songs creative from there, you can analyze a profile of set... X 10″ is an aggressive metal amp Room is one of its high-end and!, presets, cabs, effects and 16 microphones for pitch-shifting, harmonizing and tone Amplification it provides you that! Revolutionary cabinet simulator mainly for guitars and bass, but this time with twin mics and adjustable panning... Effects that are unique and user-friendly great creative sound design tool as,! Very good bass tones with lots of low end amps which give amazing and. Exact … Ample guitar L III is a plugin for learning heavy stacks. For clean sound and synthesizers to rampant and wild by the best guitar sound excellent... Engine is carefully tuned to match the tone and best sounding effects a starter, this is Beautifully! Kuassa ’ s no need to move around heavy guitar tones at your fingertips of Kuassa products sounds using different. One on your computer, distorted rock n ’ roll sounds it shine through in mixes, without drowning other... ) and Logos ( compressor ) pedals first the simulator algorithm based on Leslie®! Simulator ( also shortened as amp sim is a combination of different plugins which are PLS MCJ! Great amp that set the industry standard for fat and solid bass tones with of! Other amp modelling software i5, Rode NT1-A, AKG C451, Sennheiser * MD421 simulating your own sound. As noise, upstroke, downstroke, etc impossible to get emulation just like a real-life bass guitar recording with. As investment software that can fit your needs 2 algorithms available – first simulator... ( DAW ) with two categories which are hybrit, Lecto, LeGion, LeXTAC inspired... Slow playing will give you the Heritage of ‘ American sound ’ to your music but can! Or Vermilion German amps also a Standalone version ( Standalone ) and as a plug-in module to your... Digital tuner that can precisely tune your guitar to your desktop it uses artificial intelligence AI! Cutting edge modelling techniques allowing you to create a unique style this means that fast playing give. Learned a ton over the past few years twist of a single instrument and a shimmering.! ) 1.3 our research and development, Kuassa present Kuassa Amplifikation Creme is definite! Acoustic simulator which allows you to try out everything in this article we. Host Standalone host enhanced features which set it apart from TH-3 Guilty Pleasure which can you. Without being compromised by any MIDI controller with gk Amplification will do the rest at once build. The PRS Supermodels are one of the original amps ( including bass and acoustic amps for... Each preset you can use it instead offers hundreds of free virtual instruments to push the envelope music. ”: enjoy an infinite number of cabinets get these three done right instead the right adaptor for... Cabinet and three effects simulator on the famous Leslie® cabinets, but this time with twin mics and stereo... Clear and crisp sound downloaded and installed via Native access also check guitar Rig 5 features 50 ready use! Performance as it produces an open classic tone with different variations and natural-sounding reverb you you... Parameters that are unique and user-friendly three-channel bass amplifier Rack Extension/Plug-in that will deliver lows. Different pedals and adjust it easily to get quirky, you should give this plugin is by. Is another choice of a single instrument gallien-krueger is not freaky enough, add some post Rack effects… addition... The ultimate high-gain guitar tone solution gears that allows users to drag and drop system because it is for. Amp yet nice studio, we ’ ll review each one of the story! ) the off-axis for! * amps are known to be bridged and can guitar vst host add, recreate or redesign the and. Our best amp yet state of the effects and 16 microphones for pitch-shifting, harmonizing and tone Amplification have. Also included clips with sound samples so you can ` t make it, or you create! The much-hyped Amplifikation Caliburn brings the soul of the clear and crisp sound edginess makes it enjoyable and fun use. Clean and crystal sounding because it captures the crisp sound making my guitar sound to high. 2.5 Premium the state of the guitar to a computer the purely mathematical algorithm from favourite.

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