oxo tot perch booster seat review

160 +2 options. In addition, little grippy pads on the bottom of the seat help keep it in place. } width: 23%; cc.prototype.apply=function(a){if(Qb(this,3)&&!this.B()){Nb(this);var b=this.f().i();Lb(b,this.b);var c;c=this.Aa;var d;d=document;d=d.querySelectorAll?d.querySelectorAll("header,#header,#masthead,.header,.site-header"):[];for(var e=d.length,f=0this.j.length;d++){e=b[d]; Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. var f=c,g=this.b.document,k=Fb(this.b,e,!1);!p(k)||Hb(g,k)a||99a? left: 23%; New. right: 77%; Perch Booster Seat with Straps. The Perch folds up easily when not in use. } (5<=b)){var b=Math.min(2,5-b),c=this.f().i();Lb(c,this.b);for(var d=0;d .col-lg-4:not(.p3_featured_panel):not(.p3_featured_cat):not(.p_archive_item) { Bumbo Booster Seat. The back folds down for storage or travel, making it great for dining out. } Catch errant crumbs and bites, while also protecting baby’s outfit. Our dining room chairs have a slight curve to them but the non slip bottom of the Perch fits snug and safely on them with no movement or wobble. } As low as $13.99. Your email address will not be published. OXO. $54.99. } .site-main .row > .col-lg-offset-8 { try{var V=window,za,Ac=I(V).config;za=Ac?new O(Ac):null;if(!za)throw Error("No config");var Bc=Aa(10),Cc=Aa(7);X.ca=null!=Bc?Bc:X.ca;X.X=null!=Cc?Cc:X.X;var kc=new lb(za),Dc=kc;I(V).ps=Dc;var Y,lc;if(v("iPad")||v("Android")&&!v("Mobile")||v("Silk")||! } Add to Cart. 8==d.nodeType;)d=d.nextSibling;c.insertBefore(a,d)}break;case 1:b.insertBefore(a,b.firstChild);break;case 2:b.appendChild(a)}if(1!=b.nodeType?0:"INS"==b.tagName&&mb(b))b.style.display="block"};var ob=new function(){this.ha="googlepublisherpluginad";this.Na={google_tag_origin:"pso"}},P=function(a){this.b=a;this.j=[];this.da=0;this.o=[];this.v=[];this.Y=null;this.oa=!1},Mb=function(a,b){a=C(a.f(),J,4);if(! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps, Grey at Amazon.com. "both":"none";Ib(c,d, } We were sent the seat in return for an honest review. } 4. © 2020 - All rights reserved. Get involved with The Think Toddler-Sized Challenge. } e,!0)}}}0==this.j.length&&this.C(1)}}};ac.prototype.B=function(){return Rb(this)?0 .col-md-8 { OXO TOT Nest Booster Seat With Removable Cushion. (function(url){ } The oxo tot perch booster seat with straps boosts tots from 15 months up to the perfect table height on any grown-up chair. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. .site-main .row > .col-sm-push-4:not(.p3_featured_panel):not(.p3_featured_cat):not(.p_archive_item) { .site-main .row > .col-xs-offset-8 { !0;for(var c=[],f=0;f .col-lg-push-8 { We were sent the the Perch in the grey colour but it’s also available in taupe and green. width: 25%; Oxo Tot Perch Booster Seat | Review 10.12.16 I absolutely love finding new products that I can use with the little ones, so of course when Oxo Tot got in touch I was thrilled! OXO. .site-main .row > .col-xs-8 { However, when I noticed my son wanting to sit at the dinner table in a chair just like us, I decided to bring the Perch Booster Seat in for permanent use in our dining room. OXO. Ingenuity Toddler Booster. if (window.addEventListener) { Our Perch Booster Seat helps little ones 15 months+ reach the table. So, when I found this adorable Perch Booster Seat from OXO Tot, I knew it would fit the bill perfectly. .site-main .row > .col-lg-push-4:not(.p3_featured_panel):not(.p3_featured_cat):not(.p_archive_item) { } right: 23%; Our Perch Booster Seat helps little ones 15 months+ reach the table. 5 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews. Buy OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps, Gray online on Amazon.ae at best prices. c){B(b,7,!0);d=[];(g=a.O())&&d.push(g);g=Q(a).sa;for(f=0;f .col-md-push-4:not(.p3_featured_panel):not(.p3_featured_cat):not(.p_archive_item) { OXO TOT Perch Booster Seat With Straps - Gray. OXO TOT PERCH BOOSTER SEAT (WITH STRAPS) // OXO TOT PERCH BOOSTER SEAT (WITHOUT STRAPS) // GREY FINE-KNIT SWEATER // BLUE STRIPED SHORTS // BLACK COACH DIAPER BAG //  BLACK COACH DIAPER BAG (SIMILAR). When your child is older and had better balance they should be able to sit on the Perch without the straps. (v("Trident")||v("MSIE"))&&!v("Edge"),oa=-1!=t.toLowerCase().indexOf("webkit")&&!v("Edge"),pa=function(){var a=h.document;return a?a.documentMode:void 0},qa; 21. } A(c.N(),2)&&(Date.now?Date.now():+new Date)=c.offsetWidth)))a:if(A(b,7))a.C(8);else{b:if(A(b,5))c=A(b,5);else{if(c=Q(a).f())if(c=A(c,3),a.da .col-lg-pull-4:not(.p3_featured_panel):not(.p3_featured_cat):not(.p_archive_item) { if (window.removeEventListener) { The adjustment mechanism is just hidden under the colorful seat pad. var addEvent = function(evt, handler) { Booster folds with the push of a button and straps are removable when your tot becomes a big kid (3+, up to 70 lbs). 5.0 out of 5 stars Good seat, best for one chair, not ideal to move from chair to chair. :Version)[ \/]? .site-main .row > .col-xs-offset-4:not(.p3_featured_panel):not(.p3_featured_cat):not(.p_archive_item) { H.prototype.getData=function(a){var b=this.na,c={},d;for(d in b)c[d]=b[d];0 .col-md-offset-8 { The OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps boosts tots from 15 months up to the perfect table height on any grown-up chair. document.addEventListener(evt, handler, false); } Shipping & Pickup. 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