Getting real-time news that is Filtered by a Trader is a very valuable part of what we offer to Live FX Trader clients.

Not all news that comes across is Market-Moving but also it is quite imperative to get a Traders insight on what data may already be ‘Priced-In’.

  • FX Alerts news updates solves that for Traders in FX & Commodities
  • Having confidence about what has already been ‘priced in’ is highly valuable
  • FX Alerts focuses where a Fundamental Reset will likely move the market
  • Trade with Accuracy by having filtered FX Alerts

Market sentiment is driven by several Macroeconomic, political and supply factors. The most prudent thing to note is that the timeline of the impact of these factors varies.

For example, a headline about a Trade War meeting between China & the US or a Brexit meeting between the EU & UK will likely to have a very short-term to medium-term impact but will likely be market-moving.