Live FX Trader was founded by Russell Sandiford as he noticed a growing trend in the trading community. Far too many Retail traders are following confusing “Technical Chart Patterns” and not really trading with a real sense of confidence as their positions get swamped by a reset in the big market Fundamentals.

Live FX Trader was built on real market experience since Russell has worked at numerous Global trading firms in Sydney & London, including being a shareholder previously in Australia’s largest FX broker, AxiTrader.

Russell has been a trader since 1999 staring out as an Equities Swing Trader, before quickly expanding his trading binoculars across to FX & Commodities.

FX, Gold and Oil remain his key focus every single trading day as his ‘FX Trade of The Day’ has exploded in popularity over the past 3 years.

Russell’s wealth of experience is from both the Broker side & Dealer side as well as juggling the responsibilities of being the go-to Market Analyst for FX & Commodities due to his uncanny ability to read the Fundamentals fast and to make sense of them in plain tradeable English for Traders.

Live FX Trade focuses on the Fundamental market sentiment which is the driver of the bigger FX market moves every day, which will dwarf the many confusing technical systems that are sold daily, and which are virtually worthless.

Live FX Trader has just one purpose – To decipher the Market Fundamentals accurately for Traders, to boost your ability to be a profitable Trader.

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