FX Trade of The Day

Mastering The Larger Market Sentiment in FX.

There are so many technical “Courses” available which are both online & face-to-face, but they all have one major flaw.

They are often an “Off the shelf” strategy being sold as a course or as a automated system that says enter when this indicator is saying so or trading for you, without any thought or respect for what really moves the FX markets– The larger Market Fundamentals.

Live FX Trader is a news service that looks to inform traders of the market sentiment.

Our FX Trade of The Day looks at the current Risk tone every trading day to come up with just 1-Trade per Day for FX.

It is simply what we feel is the Trade of The Day for FX Markets delivered in real time like any other news is.

In my roles as a Dealer & Broker for large global brokers in Sydney & London, very often we noticed that the off-the-shelf technical trading systems lose money as soon as larger market sentiment shifted.

What I also noticed very often, was when these Technical focused traders lost money because of the larger sentiment shifting, but they didn’t even know why.((Because they never focused on the larger market sentiment)).

That’s like typing on your laptop with your nose pressed against the screen. Sure, you will see the letter “B” very clearly as you type, but you need to sit back to be able to read the whole paragraph and to understand the bigger picture to trade with CONFIDENCE.