live trading

When it comes to building your Trading IQ and being sharp in terms of understanding market correlations,

there is one thing that we are very passionate about:

To see LIVE trades, as they happen and have a pro explain why we are in each trading position is the FASTEST way to becoming a consistently successful trader in FX, Stocks & Commodities.

The books and courses out there can certainly give you a base knowledge, but nothing beats seeing LIVE trades running, as the market breathes, in real-time.

Platinum LIVE View was created on the back of Russell’s success with the FX Trade of The Day as the client’s kept asking for more trades than just one each trading day.

Remember, the trading day is constant, rolling from Asia, London, US sessions, with a rolling 24-hour action in FX.

Being able to deliver to trader’s full transparency is an ingenious way to speed up the learning experience for aspiring traders in FX, Stocks & Commodities.

That’s what Platinum LIVE view is all about and it is Invitation Only.

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